Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rep. Laurie Jinkins on CNN!

Yesterday, history was made in the House of Representatives with the passing of the Marriage Equality Act.

During the floor debate leading up to the monumental vote, members on both sides of the aisle gave impassioned and emotional speeches in support of marriage equality and – believe me – there wasn’t a dry eye in democratic side of the house.

In fact, the speech given by Rep. Laurie Jinkins was so moving that the video was posted on CNN and you can watch it here

Here is the full text of the speech:
This is about family. About kids. It’s about love and commitment. It’s about encouraging people who want to spend their lives together to send out invitations, buy a wedding dress and dance.
Because life isn’t about having a 5,000 square-foot house and four BMWs in the garage.
We talk a lot about education here and how a college degree is the surest ticket to the American Dream.
A decent house in a safe neighborhood with good schools. Getting a good education and a good job, with benefits like health care – we work so hard for those things because they let us do what matters most: taking care of our family.
I don’t drive a BMW. I drive a 1999 Honda and my partner drives a minivan. My family and I live in a modest home in Tacoma, not a mansion.
And that doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter one bit.
Because when I come home from work every night, to my partner of 23 years and to our son Wulf, I have all the riches and treasure a woman could want.
So I am voting YES for families,
YES for the two female sailors who showed the world the right way to walk off a warship in Bremerton,
YES because I’m proud of the courage shown by senators and representatives from both parties,
and YES not just because marriage is a good and noble institution to encourage and celebrate, but because all we do here – education and jobs and health care – in the end, we do all those things for one, simple, beautiful reason:

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