Thursday, February 2, 2012

Community & Technical college students rally

Hundreds of community and technical college students rallied at the state capital yesterday with one clear message for the Legislature: no more cuts to higher education. Democratic and Republican lawmakers from the House and Senate spoke to the crowd of students who filled the legislative building rotunda.
Rep. Larry Seaquist
“We still have about 28,000 students that qualify who are not getting student aid,” said Rep. Larry Seaquist, chair of the House Higher Education Committee. “We can’t cut that anymore.”
The state is facing a $1.5 billion shortfall for the remainder of the current budget cycle. At this point, lawmakers are considering all budget cutting options, including higher education, in order to balance the budget.
Higher education tuition has risen dramatically in recent years due to the slow economy. In 2008, undergrad students at the University of Washington were paying $6,679 a year in tuition and fees. For the current school year, those same students are paying $10,223 a year – a 35% increase in three years.
Like most political rallies, the students were armed with creative signs to express their messages about higher education.
  • Please open your minds to other options.
      Our future depends on you.
      Our children depend on us.”
  • “Education = Economic Recovery”
  • “Do not cut the solution”
  • “Education is a right

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