Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Statement by Rep. Hans Dunshee on Jobs Now

I appreciate how everyone is working together – business and labor, the House and Senate, Republicans and Democrats – to create jobs.
It’s an urgent need, with 30 percent of construction workers unemployed on the west side and 60 percent east of the mountains. There rightly is a sense of urgency.
I’m releasing proposed lists of construction projects in the House version of Jobs Now so that people can see what this would look like and where jobs would be created.
The House and Senate lists of construction projects are a little bit different, but those differences will be easy to bridge. We stand united behind the goal of helping our state’s construction workers, veterans and small businesses get back on their feet, doing good work that will benefit our state for decades to come.
Click here for a link to the documents about proposed projects around Washington state.

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