Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liias stands up for health care reform

Rep. Marko Liias and 16 other Washington state representatives have joined forces with representatives all across the nation to defend Obama’s health reform, the Affordable Care Act.  Boasting 518 total signatures representing every state, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, the brief was filed at the Supreme Court by The Constitutional Accountability Center on January 12.
“All Washingtonians deserve the basic security of good-quality health care,” said Liias. “The Affordable Care Act is the kind of health care reform we need to ensure all families have the opportunities and quality of life we deserve.”

Under the Affordable Care Act, Washington state residents will see immediate benefits, such as:
  • Coverage expansions provide support for health coverage for early retirees.
  • Small business owners will be eligible for a small business tax credit when providing insurance plans for employees.
  • Washington seniors will receive assistance closing the Medicare Part D “donut hole,” as well as access to free preventative care.

“As a nation, we simply cannot afford to fall back on this progress. We must move forward in providing affordable health care to all of Washington,” Liias said.

Click here to see the entire brief. Click here to see the list of WA state legislators who signed the brief.

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