Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Opportunity Internships means jobs

Opportunity Internship recipient Reese Holland (center)
How can we match up businesses needing skilled workers with students who want those skills – and those jobs?
Opportunity Internships is one solution that's working.  Meet Reese Holland, a student in Rep. Tim Probst’s community.
Reese is pursuing a career in engineering, and instead of simply taking math and science classes in high school, he got hands-on training and experience at the local Frito Lay plant. Interns like Reese check the settings of dozens of machines and programs at the plant, which is constantly trying to do things more efficiently. They track waste in the tenth of a percentage range.
Opportunity Internships are a creative way to match students up with good careers and to boost our state’s economy. Many skilled jobs get filled by people from out of state because our high schools and colleges don’t produce enough graduates in those fields.
So it makes sense to emphasize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in our high schools and colleges, because our students should be getting those skills – and those good jobs.
The idea behind Opportunity Internships is simple: match up interested students with the right businesses and make sure they get the skills -- and on-the-job experience -- they need. The business gets a highly skilled employee that they already know is a good worker. The student gets a career with a future. And our state economy gets a boost.  Great idea, huh? 
As students like Reese can tell you, the idea is working. Read more here.