Thursday, August 11, 2011

You might be richer than you think!

Have you ever moved out of an apartment and not gotten those irritating utility deposits back? Did your Nana start you a savings account on your 1st birthday that nobody told you about? Does your insurance company owe you for an accidental overpayment?

You probably don't have any idea if there's a little nest egg out there with your name on it, but the Washington State Department of Revenue just might. At any given time, the department has tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed property and they would love to help you recover any that might belong to you.

The first step is to check this website and enter your name. If something shows up, there are clear instructions on how to get your money or property back.

While most claims are between $50 and $100, there are some big surprises in store for a few lucky people, too. Check out the latest in this Seattle Times story.