Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Washington's personal income growth ranked 8th in nation

Despite a high percentage of workers still looking for jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis ranks Washington the 8th-fastest in personal income growth during the first quarter of the year.

The Seattle Times reports:

Total personal income rose 2.08 percent in the first quarter, to $304.1 billion, according to the BEA data. That was due to strong increases in wage and salary income, business owners' income, fringe benefits and dividends, and despite a 0.6 percent decline in unemployment insurance, welfare and other "transfer payments" from government.

The industrial sectors with the greatest income growth were the usual state powerhouses: aerospace and software - the highly skilled, highly educated sectors. In fact, Washington lead the nation in growth rate in personal income from durable-goods manufacturing last quarter: 7.5 percent.

Note: We assume it's possible that our state's aerospace income will grow, thanks to Airbus' penchant for scraping buildings on the tarmac at large Parisian air shows...

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