Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another way to go "Evergreen"

Did you know you can renew your vehicle tabs and driver’s license with a couple of mouse clicks? The Department of Licensing is working to increase convenience for customers and lessen their carbon footprint by offering more than 20 services online.

Last year alone, nearly 220,000 people went to DOL’s website and renewed their driver’s license. Nearly 400,000 Washington vehicle owners have signed up for email reminders to renew their car tabs. Not only is it easy to get email notices and renew tabs and licenses online, it’s also good for the environment and saves money.

Producing and mailing paper renewal notices costs about $3.5 million every year. The more people who renew online, the less DOL spends to produce, print and mail notices. And DOL’s paper savings already stack up to twice the height of the Space Needle.

You can sign up for this service, and several others, at Other DOL online services include:

*Getting a copy of your driving record

*Replacing a lost or stolen license or ID card

*Changing the address on your vehicle registration

*Renewing your boat registration

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