Monday, May 2, 2011

Ways & Means hearing scheduled for Thursday

As planned, members will go to the floor later today to run a series of bills necessary to implement the budget.

Looking ahead, there will be a Ways and Means meeting on Thursday at 10. The current agenda:

Public Hearing:
HB 2048 - Concerning low-income and homeless housing assistance surcharges.
HB 2080 - Modifying tax refund and interest provisions.
HB 2081 - Providing support for judicial branch agencies by extending surcharges on court fees.
HB 2082 - Making changes to the disability lifeline program.
ESSB 5921 - Revising social services programs.

Possible Executive Session:
HB 1131 - Regarding student achievement fund allocations.
SHB 1132 - Reducing compensation for educational and academic employees.
HB 1250 - Transferring funds from the budget stabilization account to the general fund.
HB 2065 - Regarding the allocation of funding for students enrolled in alternative learning experiences.
HB 2074 - Changing functions of the higher education coordinating board.
HJR 4219 - Addressing the state's long-term pension obligations.