Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making our roads safer for walking and biking

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon was the House sponsor of legislation to protect vulnerable roadway users signed into law Monday.

Ways of getting to work and around town continue to diversify, and under current law a traffic ticket is the only penalty for a negligent driver that seriously injures a vulnerable user of the road. Vulnerable users include pedestrians, bicyclists, people on farm tractors and animals, and other users.

Under the Fitzgibbon-supported legislation, the default penalty would be $5,000 and a suspension of their driver’s license for 90 days. Fitzgibbon on the bill:
This bill aims to protect all of our neighbors as we move around our communities. If an inattentive driver causes serious injury or kills a pedestrian, they should be treated differently with a punishment that better fits the severity of the crash.
You can read the press release here and watch the bill signing through TVW below:

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