Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the House today - major committee activity and more floor

The House will convene on the floor at 10:00 this morning and break at noon for the noon labor committee meeting. Members will then return to the floor until the Ways and Means committee meets at 3:30 to exec the budget bill.

8:00 am Higher Education
Work Session: Student Support Services
  1. Academic counseling and support for student success.
  2. Mental health counseling and support.
8:45 am State Government and Tribal Affairs
Executive Session:
  • HB 2028 - Transferring executive ethics responsibilities to the public disclosure and ethics commission
  • HB 2033 - Consolidating arts and heritage programs for the purpose of streamlining government and improving efficiency
  • HB 2034 - Reforming and streamlining the sentencing guidelines commission for the purpose of saving money
  • HB 2035 - Effectuating financial stability for the public printer
12:00 pm Labor and Workforce Development
Possible Executive Session:
  • HB 2023 - Achieving savings in workers' compensation but only with respect to permanent partial disability awards and awards of permanent total disability following an award of permanent partial disability.
  • HB 2025 - Freezing industrial insurance cost-of-living increases.
  • HB 2026 - Creating the industrial insurance rainy day account.

3:30 pm Ways and Means
Possible Executive Session: HB 1087 - Making 2011-2013 operating appropriations.