Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And the 2011 LAs’ Legislator of the Year Award goes to…

This afternoon the House Democratic Caucus Legislative Assistants (LAs) presented their 2011 Legislator of the Year Award to an unsuspecting Rep. Tina Orwall in a quick, but nonetheless moving, ceremony held in the HDC Room.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award and to be part of a legislative team that works so hard on behalf of the people across our state,” said Orwall, after having regained her composure from the surprise of being elected as this year’s recipient.

The LAs’ Legislator of the Year Award evolved during the 2007 Legislative Session, after a discussion on what constitutes a good legislator/assistant working relationship. LAs agreed that a good legislator’s work would reflect the Democratic principles that should be prevalent in all aspects of the House of Representatives, and they felt that, by highlighting the conduct of members who display the characteristics most in tune with those principles, the House of Representatives’ environment would be enriched.

LAs are encouraged to vote for someone other than their own member, which gives the award more credibility.

“This award not only defines what we feel is a person who respects the work place and is an effective legislator, it also says their work is important and their dedication is appreciated,” said Kim Moores, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Kathy Haigh and coordinator for the Legislator of the Year Award.

Here are some of the qualities that LAs based their decision on:

 Capacity to listen
 Productive time management
 Keeping appointments
 Being on time
 Appreciate and recognize the accomplishment of others
 Give clear instruction and expectations to staff
 Practice teamwork
 Trusting and loyal
 Maintain balance and adaptability
 Effective legislator, working across the aisle and the rotunda
 Respectful, polite and courteous