Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What do phony prescriptions and phosphates have in common?

They'll both be much harder to find starting tomorrow.

Numerous new state laws go into effect on July 1 including one that will improve the health of our waterways by requiring stores to only sell low-phosphate dishwasher soap. Washington will be one of 16 states to enact such a ban tomorrow. Washington has had a similar ban on laundry detergent since 2006.

Tomorrow, doctors and other professionals with clearance to write prescriptions for their patients will have to use tamper-resistant notepad or paper. The Department of Health says the change will cut down on people stealing or altering prescriptions.

Other bills include one that requires anyone wanting to collect solid waste to obtain a "solid waste collection certificate" (now that's something you'd want to frame and hang on your wall!), one to cut down on fraudulent use of out-of-state vehicle licensing, and one that will strengthen consumer protection for homeowners seeking to refinance their home by requiring licensing for loan modifiers and services.