Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's hot list

8:00 HHR A Education
Work Session: Dropout prevention and re-engagement (3 proposals – Kagi, Probst, OSPI agency request)

Public Hearing: SHB 1418 - Establishing a statewide dropout reengagement system

1:30 HHR D State Government & Tribal Affairs
Public Hearing:
HB 2418 - Making the names and addresses of persons signing initiative or referendum petitions public records

1:30 HHR A Health Care & Wellness
Public Hearing: HB 2551 - Related to retaining our system of universal purchase for childhood vaccine.

1:30 HHR B Agriculture & Natural Resources

Public Hearing: HB 2591 - Recovering the actual cost of processing applications for water right permits (shifts cost of processing applications from the general fund to user fees)