Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming up this week

House of Origin cut-off is Thursday at 5:00 pm, so the floor will be busy this week. What does this cut-off business mean? It means Thursday is the last day for the House to pass House bills and the Senate to pass Senate bills. It also means some very late nights.

Floor action typically begins at 10:00 a.m. so we are still holding early morning committee hearings. Here are a few of interest:

Tuesday 3/10/09
9:00am in Health & Human Services Appropriations
Work Session: Overview of federal stimulus package and impacts on Washington State.

Wednesday 3/11/09
8:00am in Community & Economic Development & Trade
Work Session: Washington State’s Biomedical/Biotechnology Industry: Opportunities and Challenges.

8:00am in Human Services
Public Hearing: SSB 5190 – Making technical corrections to community custody provisions.

Thursday 3/12/09
9:00am in State Government & Tribal Affairs
Executive Session:
HB 2087 – Eliminating certain boards, committees and commissions and the transfer of certain duties effective June 30, 2009.
HB 2151 – Eliminating boards and commissions on June 30, 2010.

Friday 3/13/09
8:00am in Education
Work Session: Washington Youth Academy – National Guard Youth Challenge Program.

Public Hearing: Senate bills referred to committee.