Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's House Hot List

1:30pm in Education
Work Session: Building Bridges dropout prevention program

1:30pm in Environment Health
Public Hearings:
HB 1165 – Providing for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources through a producer provided and funded product stewardship program (prescription drug recycling).

HB 1180 – Regarding the use of bisphenol A (this is the baby-bottle bill).

3:30pm in Ways & Means
Work Session: Briefing on state funding for K-12 public schools

6:00pm in Health and Human Services Appropriations
Work Session:
1. Overview of the Health Care Authority Base Budget
2. Overview of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Base Budget
3. Overview of the Vocational Rehabilitation (DSHS) Base Budget
4. Overview of the Labor & Industries Base Budget

6:00pm in General Government Appropriations
Public Hearing: Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and/or exploring areas for additional cost savings within the Department of the Military, Liquor Control Board, and Department of Revenue.