Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grades in on Washington's education system

Education Week just released its 50-state report card for K-12 school improvement and the news for Washington is mixed.

Our overall grade is a C (76.2) and we ranked 33rd in the nation. No states received an A and only ten states earned a B.

Washington earned higher-than-average marks in early learning and adult outcomes, school finance equity, assessment, and economy and workforce (the one area Washington earned an A+).

Our lowest scores were in status and equity in K-12 achievement, school finance spending (our only F), college readiness and building and supporting capacity within the teaching profession.

Education Week’s annual report card is highly regarded. This year’s report provided an in-depth look at how schools across the nation are trying to meet the needs of 5.1 million English-language learners. Washington isn’t experiencing as much growth in our ELL population as most other states, but there are about 77,000 ELL students in our state schools.